My JCS Diary

The Mayflower Theatre, Southampton
Friday 13 April 2001

Decided to go to Southampton and buy tickets on the door, so we did and we got fourth row from the front! We didn't tell Arvid that we were there, so he did not see us in the audience as he wasn't looking for us.  Just walking into the theatre and seeing the huge set, took your breath away.  As the music started and the lights went down you could feel the excitement of the people, not knowing quite what to expect. The first thing you see is Jesus (Arvid) coming down on a lift, which is part of a bridge, as Judas (Mark O'Malley) starts the story.  The whole cast were superb, Arvid's voice was amazing, the power he puts behind his voice, especially in 'Gethsemane'.  The show was great, it's shame that there wasn't a full audience.  Cat Simmonns as Mary Magdalene is stunning, her voice is both powerful and lovely.  I was nice to see Mark Caudle on stage again as one of the apostles, he really gets into the show and you can tell he enjoys it.

The end scene really brought tears to my eyes.  The crucifixion is very very powerful.  A few people gave a standing ovation at the end of the show, two fo which were Ellie Sprack and James Nash from Joseph.

After the show we went round to see Arvid, he was very surprised to see us, he came out of the stage door and hugged me.  He wasn't expecting us till tomorrow.  We had a quick chat before he left.  Looking forward to seeing the show again tomorrow.

The Mayflower Theatre, Southampton
Saturday 14 April 2001

We arrived in Southampton late morning, did a bit of shopping and had lunch.  We then met our friends Donna and her Mum Rosemary after they had seen the matinee, and took Donna back stage to meet Arvid, he was happy to see us and to meet Donna, who had her photo taken with him. We saw Mark briefly too.  He then dashed off to eat, so we went for a drink.  We met up with friends Ann-marie, Sophie, Catherine, John, Lynne and Lorraine, who were watching the evening show too.

We all went to the theatre and went to our seats, made it just before it started! Ann-marie, I sat in the front row centre, so it didn't take Arvid long to spot us.  The show seemed to be even better than it was last night.  Arvid sang with passion and power, he sang to us quite a few times during the show, that sent shivers down my spine.  Mark also seemed to spot us a few times.  Its hard to describe every scene but the show is almost the same as the new video. 

The show goes through soft quiet songs like 'Everythings Alright' and 'Could We Start Again Please', to Charlston with 'King Herod's Song', to harmonies like at the end of 'Blood Money'.  It's a great mix of songs and characters. I think the best scenes were King Herods Song, with the charlston type dancing, bright lights and fun costumes, Superstar, with live recordings playing on a huge screen, filmed by camera men on stage and three girls in tight leather.  But for the scene that was the best acting wiseit has to be the Crucifixion, Arvid up on the cross, which is very high above the stage, portrays the pain and death of Christ with so mauch emotion that not only the audience have tears rolling down their cheeks, the cast do too.

If you can catch the show on tour somewhere please go, alot of people are put off by the religous story line but it's brilliant. Well worth seeing, we will be seeing it again for sure.

After the show and after brushing away our tears, we went round to the stage door, all 8 of us to see Arvid, we saw Mark first so I grabbed him for a photo.  He is well and enjoying the show.  Arvid came out and talked to us all whilst we took photo's and got his autograph.  He then had to go as he was getting a lift with someone, but when we went out he was still waiting so we stood and chatted with him for awhile longer.  He says he is in the show till about November, he is going on holiday soon but I'm not sure when (or where!).  He said that he really is enjoying being in JCS, it's hard work but fun.  The cast are brilliant and they all seem to get on well.  He has promised to keep in touch so I'll keep you all posted on what he's up to.  We took some more photo's, so they will be online soon. When he had gone we all went for a drink.

We all had a wonderful evening, got home at 3am!! we are tired but happy, we look forward to seeing JCS and Arvid again soon, probably July or August in Bristol.  I will keep you posted.

Bye for now

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