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Show: Joseph, 11th May 2000, 2pm
Location: Opera House, Manchester

Joseph: Arvid Larsen
Narrator: Vivienne Carlyle
Jacob/Potiphar: Tim Goodman
Mrs. Potiphar/Handmaiden: Annabelle Dalling
Pharaoh/Simeon: ?
Butler/Reuben: Ben Harlow
Baker/Napthali: Russel Hicken
Levi: Ellis Kerkhoven
Issachar: Joe Connors
Asher: John Melvin
Dan: Ben Stock
Zebulun: Stuart Tayler
Gad: Iain Pritchard
Judah: Carl Jones
Benjamin: Jason Heppenstall
Handmaidens: Lisa Quibell
                              Ellie Sprack
                           Jenette Humphris

Just some background, before I begin - I work at the Regent Theatre in Stoke in a voluntary capacity, so I've seen the show with the 'old' cast as well as the new one - this is the 10th show I've seen... The audience was full of junior school kids who really got into the show.

The show kicked off really well with the narrator singing the introduction, then it was time to meet the "new" Joseph. My first thoughts were "he's really tall!" Arvid has a voice which sounded lower than Tim's/Ellis's, but was very powerful. We got through "Any Dream Will Do" and into the rest of the show - Arvid's Joseph came across as arrogant (rather than Tim's more naive Jo) - he knew he was the "special one" and flaunted it in front of his brothers, likewise with the dreams - he knew he was going places, and made sure everyone else knew it!
The one thing I noticed missing with the new cast was any apparent affection between Joseph and Benjamin - there was a real spark with Tim and Mark, which didn't seem to be quite there with this cast, though I suspect it will come with time...
Arvid's strong voice worked really well with "Close Every Door" - it sounded fantastic; you could really believe that he was scared and alone in his cell...

The usual Pharaoh (Trevor Jary) was ill, and someone else understudied (but I'm afraid I didn't catch the name in the announcement), playing the role well.

Then we get to the role-reversal: Joseph's anger was palpable - especially when he discovered that Benjamin had the cup - again Arvid's powerful voice was an asset to the part. "Benjamin Calypso" flew by in the usual riot of colour, and the reunion was emotional too. At the end of the reprise of "Go Go Joseph" the cast came down into the auditorium and shook hands with some of the audience while singing the end of the song, which was a really nice touch.

All too soon, the show was over and we were into the encores... there was a brief hiccup when Pharaoh's mic didn't work in the reprise of "Pharaoh's Dream", but that was soon sorted.

The main difference between this show and any I've seen previously was the lack of an invitation to the audience to join in at the end - needless to say, this didn't stop your intrepid reviewers from dancing, singing, clapping our hands and enjoying ourselves, though we were the only people in the stalls (apart from 2 others on the other end of our row) who did get up (I don't know if this was deliberate since there were so many young school kids in there or not), though from what we could see, all the circle were on their feet by the end.

All in all a great show - comparable to any I've seen. The new cast have taken to their roles well, and the continuing cast were up to their usual excellent standard...

Thanks for a great show guys, and hope to see you again at Wolverhampton...

This is Allie Ford signing off...

Review By Holly Dunne
The show in general.

Joseph was the best musical.  I have ever seen. much thought and wit has been put into
direction of this exceptionally strong performance.  In the show I saw Joseph was
played to perfection by the very talented Richard Swerrun whose fabulous stage
presence and amazing voice dominated the stage.

The equally talented enthusiastic all-singing, all-dancing cast really brought the show
to life. the energy levels were kept to peak levels throughout the show earning well
deserved applause's after every song.

Breath-taking choreography and dazzling costumes gave the final polish to this tight
professional production production.  Particular recognition must be given to Andy
Lingfield who played the very sexy Pharaoh and his deep throaty vocals had the girls
screaming for more.

The most gorgeous man in the world also took part in this fantastic production and
really was an asset to it.  I feel very privileged to have met him( and might I add got
kissed by him on the cheek 3( count 'em 3) times!!! I am of course referring to the one
and only Ellis Kerkhoven who as regular visitor to the fab guest book will know is my
fave brother.

Last but not least I must mention the fantastic McMaster stage school choir who sang
beautifully and really added to the performance( being part of that fantastic choir I
might be a bit biased but I thought we rocked!!!)
to sum up THE SHOW KICKED ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Show: Joseph, 1st July 2000, 8pm
Location: Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton

Joseph: Arvid Larsen
Narrator: Vivienne Carlyle
Jacob/Potiphar: Michael G Jones
Mrs. Potiphar/Handmaiden: Annabelle Dalling
Pharaoh/Simeon: Trevor Jary
Butler/Reuben: Ben Harlow
Baker/Napthali: Russel Hicken
Levi: Ellis Kerkhoven
Issachar: Ryan Keeton
Asher: John Melvin
Dan: Ben Stock
Zebulun: Stuart Tayler
Gad: Iain Pritchard
Judah: Karl Jones
Benjamin: Jason Heppenstall
Handmaidens: Lisa Quibell
            Ellie Sprack
           Jenette Humphris

Well, this was my second outing to see the new cast, and what a show it was! The whole atmosphere in the theatre was like a party - everyone was there for a good time, and it showed in the performance...

The show started well, with the audience clapping louder and longer after each song... Close Every Door was absolutely stunning, and Go Go Go Joseph just had so much energy it was unbelievable. After the interval things hotted up even more, with Arvid doing a great comic turn in the middle of Song of the King that had everyone laughing out loud. Benjamin Calypso was a riot of colour, and again was jammed with energy, and the finale was stunning... The applause just went on and on at the end, and by the encore there was a standing ovation (in the stalls at least, I imagine that the scene was the same upstairs too...). I'm sure many of the other people in the audience wanted to get up and dance well before the part where we are 'allowed' to! Needless to say, as soon as we were allowed to get up, we did!

The show was absolutely stunning, and the cast fit together really well - there is great chemistry between them all which has developed since Manchester... I can't praise Saturday's show highly enough - well done guys and guyesses - Keep it up!

Melissa Sampson's Review
Norwich August 2000

Seats in the centre of the front row of the stalls gave me an unrivalled view of Joseph
when it hit the Theatre Royal, Norwich in mid-August 2000.  This was the first time I
had seen Joseph in two years and on both of the previous occasions Richard Swerrun had taken the lead and played the part perfectly.  A whole new cast this time. 

The narrator,Vivienne Carlyle, made a slightly timid start but soon warmed to the
part with a controlled and colourful voice.  Arvid Larsen gave a shy smile before bursting into 'Any dream will do'.  Arvid certainly brings a different personality to the part.  Overall, Arvid's performance is bright and refreshing and he sings well with both
feeling and strength.  'Close every door to me' was sung with a suitably chilling edge
and he really thrives when he is taking centre stage.  Although, I don't think it
would be unfair to say that the audience doesn't quite feel in sympathy with Joseph at
the start of the show.

Trevor Jary played an excellent Pharaoh, truly made for the part and he brings out the
best in Arvid; they worked really well together.  This is a wonderful point in the
show and they did it justice.

Jason Heppenstall made an excellent Benjamin with his lovely voice.  I loved Joseph's motorbike 'chariot of gold' entrance at the end, even if it did wobble dangerously close to the front of the stage! Unfortunately in Norwich no one took to their feet at the end of Friday nights 8pm performance, unlike the previous occasions on which I have seen Joseph.  Norfolk folk are known to be a little reserved so maybe this wasn't entirely surprising.  I think with a bit more confidence on Arvid's part and encouragement from all on stage we could have been rocking in the aisles at the end.

Praise must also be given to the Joseph Orchestra who were again excellent.