Carmel RC Technology College

Chior Director Andrew Ramsey

The Choir Members
The Carmel choir have appeared in Joseph three times now, below is a list of all the members.
Not everyone appeared all three times.
Victoria Armstrong
Sophie Bainbridge
Adam Barras
Sian Batley
Anna Biddle
Zoe Birkett
Beth Black
Clare Black
Helen Blackburn
Frances Blaylock
Mark Blewitt
Jane Bower
Emma Burnside
Sarah Buxton
Kashya Caplice
Christina Chapman
Kirsty Chander
Neil Christie
Katy Clamp
Lucy Cooper
Samantha Cowley
Megan Craggs
John Crawford
Francesca Denham
Nicola Dinsdale
Sarah Dixon
Sarah Dodsworth
Leanne Dodsworth
Mary Doherty
Catherine Duggan
Jennifer Durkin
Vicky Edgar
Amanda Edminson
Emma Eland
Sarah Eglington
Laura Fawcett
Eleanor Firth
Sam Foster
Jonathan Frank
Paula Freeman,
Anne-Marie Gilbey
Carianne Green
Helen Green
Eloise Harker
Gabrielle Harker
Rachel Harpin
Katie Harrison
Madeleine Haylett
Sophie Heywood
Laura Hillyard
Fiona Hilton
Richard Hird
Danielle Hossell
Melanie Howard,
Thomas Howard
Jessica Hudson
Andrew Hutchinson
Emma Hutchinson
Fiona Hutchinson
Abigail Jackson
Oliver James
Louise Kenworthy
Claire Kilgour
Louise Knapton
Sophie Knapton
Nicola Lancaster
Claire Lavender
Helen McAninley
Ruth McDonald
Claire McGovern
Peter McGovern
Christopher McGovern
Clare McGuckin
Ruth McGuckin
Hazel McKenzie
Andrew McKenzie
Anna McLean
Phillip McLean
Lydia Mangle
Claire Metcalfe
Sarah Middleton
Emily Newton
Katie Owens
Emma Ovens
Rebecca Parkin
Chris Parsons
Gemma Payne
Samanatha Payne
Frances Petterson Hannah Pierson
Susie Potter
Becki Smith
Natasha Smith
Sophie Robertson
Anna Robinson Stephanie Robinson Caroline Ryan
Lianne Savage
Samantha Stokell
Ruth Stonebank
Sarah Stonebank Danielle Stott
Helen Surma
Sarah Tinkler
Laura Towers
Janet Thompson
Louise Tully
Michael Tully
Rachel Tully
Danielle Walecki
Gemma Walker
Lisa Walker
Marie Westgarth
Sarah Westgarth
Sarah Whelan
Catriona White Marianne Whittaker
Daniel Winstanley
Jenny Wiper
Laura Wiper
Kayleigh Wood Rebekah Woodward
Rebecca Wright
Stacey Young
Names taken from a programme and sent to me,
apologies for any mistakes
Is your name listed above? contact me and send me details of your experiences of being in the Joseph Choir, and I will add them to this site.