The Joseph Choir
FACT : Did you know that over the years more than 25,000 children have Been                                 involved in the Joseph Choir, and some reappear a few years later as
             part of the main company!!

DREAMCOAT is the first to incorporate children's choirs as a integral element of the
cast. As JOSEPH was a musical originally written for children, Andrew Lloyd Webber
wanted to return the show to its original conception by making the children central to
the action of the story.

The London Palladium production was the first professional staging to use a children's
choir. Four different children's choirs, each comprised of twenty five young people
aged nine to fifteen, were selected in the London, Toronto, Australian and U.S.
productions of JOSEPH. Two choirs (fifty singers) rotate performing in each of the
eight weekly shows.

The touring production of JOSEPH (UK National tour included) also incorporate's local children's choirs who are sought out in each town.

Thousands of aspiring young singers have been invited to take part in the production
affording them a unique opportunity to appear in a major Andrew Lloyd Webber
production and to gain invaluable musical theatre experience.

The unique selection process to find these choirs is "The Dreamcoat Choir Challenge."
In each city, a "Challenge" will be held to find local children's choirs to appear in
JOSEPH in advance of its engagement in each city. This "Challenge" provides an
invaluable publicity opportunity and an ideal "launch" announcement of the show.

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