The Jackie Palmer Stage School
Choirmaster Tom Wakeley

The Choir Members
Michelle Ricketts
Roxanne Ricketts
Hayley Wildman
Laura Moretto
Suzie Buckley
Lauren Prager
Grace Victory
Danielle Victory
Gemma Day
Rebecca Miller
Hazel Galbraith
Stacey Dimenna
Rebecca Cobb
Callum Clack
Sally Ann Mays
Amy Cowper
Anneliese Milward
Eleanor Mole
Danielle Shepherd
Sophie Batchelor
Holly Deste
Natalie Aves
Emily Horler
Carlotta Denulc
Rebecca Bridges
Hannah Bridges
Naomi Hefferman
Sara-Aisha Kent
Eleanor Charleston
Sarah Bedford
Linzie Wolstenholme
Holly Wolton
Jade Gould
Rebecca Forster
Marissa Adams
Kirsty Burrows
Alexandra Thomas-Davies
Charles Thomas-Davies
Harriet Young
Helen Bailey
Ashlyn Cooper
Hannah Draper
Names taken from a programme, apologies for any mistakes
Is your name listed above? contact me and send me details of your experiences of being in the Joseph Choir, and I will add them to this site.