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Joseph Choir cont..
This part of my site is dedicated to the many members of the Joseph Choir, past, present and future.  In this section you will find list's of the many different choirs that have taken part, that I have one way or another managed to get the details of.  Also there is a chat room for choir members to come together and share their experiences and a guest book to leave your comments on the choir and Joseph in.

I hope with the help of the different choir members, to build a big section of the them, with personal comments from members and photo's too.  So if you were in a Joseph Choir or if your going to be in a Joseph Choir and you'd like to get yourself and/or the rest of the choir on to my site contact me with the following details:-
e-mail me
Name of choir/school you are/were in.
Name of choir leader/director.
Name of theatre.
Name of town theatre is in.
Dates of show i.e. 26 Jun - 1 Jul 2000.
List of names of who was/is in the choir, or just yours if you do not remember/know the others.
Comments on your experiences with the show/cast/rehearsals.