Mamma Mia
On this page over the next year I will add photo's of Tim, reviews for the show and lots more.  So if you go to the show and take photo's of Tim or you feel like writing a review and you would like them on my site email me.
Prince Edward Theatre, London
Monday 18 March 2002
Dress Rehearsal
Tim with Tanith
Tim with Donna Lovell
Tim looking lovely as always!
Tanith's Mamma Mia Diary Entry

Donna and I arrived in London at 12.30pm and headed straight for the theatre, we hoped to get there before 1pm to see Tim before the show, as he had our tickets, but didn't quite make it, so we had to collect the tickets from the box office.  It was really busy, there were people everywhere.  We went into the auditorium and found our seats, which were great.  We started to look around and spotted a few familiar faces, Craig Price (Gad/Jo Understudy 1998 - 1999) was one of them.  The show started and the atmosphere as electric.  It was so funny, very clever how they made the songs fit.  Tim was fab, he's such  great dancer! Chris Till (Benjamin 1999) is stil in the show and he was great too.  I won't write about the show as I don't want to spoil the story.

After the show we went to the stage door and met Tim, we had a good old chat and tok a few photo's (see above), then Donna and I went off to get something to eat.  We got back to the stage door in time to talk to Tim again before he went in to get ready for the second show, he signed our programmes and had a pic taken again.  He then went in to get ready.  We were waiting for a friend who knows Tim before we went home, and while we were waiting we saw Chris Till, it was funny as he asked me where he knew me from and I told him the Joseph site, you could see his face register ten who I was!!

We met our friend, then dashed to get our coach.  Donna and I had a great time, and we look forward to going again soon.  Our thanks to Tim for inviting us and for being a great friend.  Also thanks to the cast for a great show.