Tim Driesen
This part of the site is dedicated to Tim Driesen, who has become a very good friend of mine.
In this section you will find photo's and information on Tim, what he has done in the past, what he is up to now and in the future. 
" My professional (semi-professional) career started when I was 14 when the group I
was in at the time, 'The Bubbles' was asked to make a television series consisting of 13
episodes of 20 mins involving a song and a storyline! (We were mainly a singing
group) A bit of a pre S Club & set in Belgium with a Belgian celeb. guest starring in
each episode!  The series was accompanied by a soundtrack and  the single we took off
the soundtrack, went to number 5 in the Belgian charts!  So we did a lot television and
radio shows e.g.. the Belgian Top of the Pops.  We were also the supporting act on the
tour  of Liliane St-Pierre, one Belgium's popular singers.

We were also asked to defend our country on the Dany Kaye International Children's
Awards Festival (a sort of song contest for kids) for UNICEF, where we appeared
alongside people like Roger Moore, Audrey Hepburn, Gregory Peck, Joel Grey,
Natalie Cole, Randy Crawford, Gloria Estefan, etc.  We didn't win, but had a great
time doing it! Especially staying in a 5 star hotel for a week, all expenses paid!

After 'The Bubbles' I was asked to play the narrator in a Belgian touring musical 'Glory
Hallelujah 2000', the revival of the 60's classic musical of the same name (without 2000
added).  I toured with that show for about 1 and half years.  The performances were in
weekends only, so I could finish my studies whilst having a professional weekend job
as well!  With this musical, we got a Christmas Special on Belgian National Television!

I had to finish this earlier than planned, because I wanted to come and study in
England.  I got into Laine Theatre Arts and got a grant, so I could afford to go and
study there!  I didn't have to think twice about that!  A good thing that my parents
were allowing me to do all this!  At the same time as I decided I was going to leave
Belgium for Britain, I got offered to be the singer in a starting Boy band, but I declined
the offer, cause I was determined to study and eventually work in the UK!  I have
always been very ambitious and keep getting more and more ambitious as the days go
by! Henry Metcalfe, Joseph choreographer once told me "If you want the moon, you
just have to know how much it cost's and how to get there!" very wise words indeed!

I trained at LTA ( the school that also produced people like Posh Spice, Lee from
Steps, Ruthie Henshall, Ben Richards, Sonia Swaby.....) for three years on the musical
theatre course from which I graduated with an HONS diploma in Musical There and
ALAM solo acting with HONS as well!  After finishing at Laines I auditioned for Bill
Kenwrights 'Thank You For The Music' and got picked out of all candidates to play
Donny Osmond and David Cassidy.  This show was a tribute to the seventies,
performed as a live concert with acts such as Abba, Blondie, Elton John, Slade, Bee
Gees, Bay City Rollers etc.  All singers (including me) played their own instruments,
so the cast was also the orchestra!  It was great fun!  It's like partying every night!

Bill Kenwright came to see the show a couple of times and offered me a part in
'Joseph', which I of course accepted!!!  Without regret!  After playing Issachar and
understudy Joseph, I took over when Richard Swerrun left (March 2000).

The show is great to do, but very heavy physically and mentally!  Two shows a day
takes its toll out of you, if you don't look after yourself properly!  It helps you to sleep
well at night!  You are drained from all energy after the first show and then you've got
some time to reload all batteries before you do it all over again!  And you've got to
give yourself 100% all the time, which asks a lot of concentration!

The show gives you such a buzz though.  Especially the reprises, during which you can
let yourself go (up to a certain extent).  My favourite part as a brother was 'One More
Angel' (especially the hoe down/line dancing).

Joseph is such a great part.  You get to go through so many emotions and sing the
great songs like 'Any Dream,' and 'Close Every Door' which is loaded with so much
emotion!  My favourite melody to sing though was 'I look handsome...' and all the
colours ( which I never thought I would get right).  Tim Rice's lyrics are such a joy to
sing as well, cause they're so clever!  I wish I could write like that...

I was very upset when my voice went and had to stop singing the part!  I was normally
going to stay on for an unlimited time, but had to rest my voice and it's only just
started coming back completely!  So unfortunately I had to say goodbye to the show
earlier than expected, but that's life!

At the moment I'm finishing off my musical and I'm writing a film script with my
friend, whom I'm also writing some Britney Spears type pop songs with!  Which is
great fun!!! "
About Tim,
In His Own Words.
Richard Swerrun as Joseph
Tim Driesen as Issachar (Bottom left)
Tim Driesen as Joseph
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