McMasters Stage School

Choir Director: Vivienne McMaster
Names given to me by a member, my apologies for any mistakes I've made.
Is your name listed above? contact me and send me details on your own experiences of being in the Joseph Choir, and I will add them to this site.
Amanda Browne
Timothy Bell
Lauren Dyer
Holly Dunne
Danielle Futter
Natalie Gillespie
Jamie Halliday
Annie Logan
Nicola McCausland
Alex McNiece
Sarah Jane Robinson
Sarah Jane Smith

Natalie Williamson
Stuart Bradford
Laura Browne
Sarah Black
Gillian Donaldson
Natalie Ennis
Dawn Gibson
Tory Gillespie
Jemma Hutchinson
Jennfer Logan
Caitlin McClurg
Judith Neeson
Natasha Robinnsonn
Daniel Warick
Lauren Bikerstaff
Adam Bell
Tanya Baker
Sarah Drury
Hollie Ferris
Jenna Gibson
Ruth Hagen
Angela Logan
Danielle Larkin
Lauren McClurg
Richard Orr
Laura Roony
Rebecca Warick
Not all the members below appeared in the show both times.
Click on highlighted names to read individual members comments.
What some choir members thought:-
' We all enjoyed the wonderful experience.'
' Joseph is an excellent show, both to watch and perform in.'
' A wonderful show with a wnderful cast.'
' It was a great experience and a lot of fun and a great cast.'
' A brilliant musical, a life-changing experinece. (Holly Dunne)'
' The cast were all so friendly'

The Choir Members