Stagecoach Salisbury

Choir Director  Linda Mettyear

The Choir Members
Elizabeth Allen
Natalie Batchelor
Emma Bradley-Birt
Anna Burgess
Philippa Bywater
Jessica Clark
Charlotte Clayton
Daniella Club
Leanne Coleman
Samantha Coleman
Ilsa Dalen
Kerry Drake
Cathrine Dunlop
Ella Dunlop
Clare Dunn
Thea Garbut
Alison Halliday
Laura Hamblin
Emily Hardy
Hannah Hardy
Johanna Harward
Joanne Hewes
Laura Jasper
Luke Jefford
Bryony Jobbes
Rhiannon Judd
Jessica Kent
Rebecca Mears
Miriam O'Connor
Helen O'Shea
Lucy Pike
Emily Pollard
Katy Pykett
Rachael Quarmb
Nye Robinson-White
Danielle Robison
Emily Robinson
Amy Roche
Megan Seaman
Laura Sheath
David Smith
Harriet Sparrow
Clare Verlander
Charlotte Walsh
Ashleigh Walters-Beck
Emma Watkinson
Della Williams
Alex Wilson
India Young
Names taken from a programme, apologies for any mistakes
Is your name listed above? contact me and send me details of your experiences of being in the Joseph Choir, and I will add them to this site.